Where can I find documentation?
Within Outliner, tap the ? button and select Online Help. You may also view the online help here: carbonfin.com/help/.
How do I get outlines from from one device to another?
If you use Outliner on more than one device, you can use the same Outliner Online account on both devices. Simply use the same user ID and password, and all your outlines will sync between both devices.
How do I share an outline?
Open the outline in Outliner Online, and select the "Share" link to see the sharing settings. You can also get there from the Sharing Settings button in Outliner's outline info screen. From there, you can send invitations to share the outline. Once an invitation is accepted, the invitee will be able to view and edit the outline. Be sure to sync the outline after you've made changes, so everyone sharing the outline will be able to see your changes.
Can I share outlines with someone who doesn't use Outliner?
Currently only users of Outliner on the iPhone or iPad can use Outliner Online. However, you can publish your outline - see details below.
What happens when I delete a shared outline?
If you are the creator of the outline, it will be removed from every other user's account. If you are not the creator, it is only removed from your account.
How do I prevent conflicts in shared outlines?
Outliner's sync service does a great job merging changes from different users. However, conflicts are still possible. For example, if two users rename the same item before syncing, the last user to sync the outline will "win". To prevent any possible conflicts, it is a good idea to sync a shared outline before and after making changes to it.
How do I rename an outline?
Open the outline by tapping it on the home screen. Tap the outline info icon in the upper-right, and then select the name field.
How do I print an outline?
Outliner doesn't yet have native support for printing. However, Outliner Online has a print layout. Ensure that your outline is synced with Outliner Online, then visit outliner.carbonfin.com. Select your outline, then select the "Print" link in the left column beneath the outline name. Use your browser to print the resulting page.
How do I export outlines from Outliner?
Sync your outlines, then visit outliner.carbonfin.com. Select your outline, and tap the OPML or Text link that appears below its name in the left column.
How do I email outlines from Outliner?
Tap the ... button, and then select the Email icon.
How do I import my existing desktop outline into Outliner?
Use your desktop outliner to save into OPML format. You can then either email it to yourself and open the attachment in Mail, or use Outliner Online (outliner.carbonfin.com). If using Outliner Online, tap the sync button on your device and the newly imported outline will appear. See below for details about OneDrive and Dropbox.
What desktop applications can export OPML?
Many outliners support OPML, but only a few of those also support notes within your outlines. We currently recommend OmniOutliner for the Mac, but have no recommendation for Windows.
How do I export an outline from Bonsai
If you have Bonsai (a Windows outliner that is no longer available), you can export to OPML using these steps:
1. Download the export template
2. Extract the opml.oxt file to e.g. C:\Program Files\Bonsai
3. Open the Bonsai outline
4. Select File | Export | opml from the menu
Can Outliner sync with a desktop application?
Outliner does not sync directly with a desktop app, but does sync with OneDrive and Dropbox. Use these to edit the same files with Outliner and your desktop outliner.
How does OneDrive and Dropbox syncing work?
Each outline on your device is stored on a single server. By default, new outlines are stored in Outliner Online. To store an outline on OneDrive or Dropbox, go to the outline settings and tap of the Storage selector. Once you've selected the new location, press the sync button to move the outline.
In Dropbox, Outliner uses a directory called "Outliner" to store data. Each outline is stored as an OPML file. To add an existing outline from your desktop, place the outline file in the "Outliner" directory. Ensure that it has a .opml file extension and is a valid OPML-formatted file.
In OneDrive, Outliner only has access to its app directory, located in "Apps/CarbonFin Outliner".
What is outline publishing?
Publishing an outline is a way to share an outline with others who do not have an Outliner account. A published outline is viewable (read-only) by anyone that has its URL. CarbonFin does not make the list of published outlines available, nor are the published outlines indexed by search engines.
Does Outliner support an URL scheme?
Yes. On iOS, you can launch Outliner using the URL "outliner://open". You can open a specific outline with the URL "outliner://name/<outline name>" (e.g. outliner://name/Birthdays).