v3.15 - September 2022
  • Fixed Dropbox integration
  • Show a warning when unlinking Dropbox/OneDrive if there are unsynced outlines
  • iOS 16 support
v3.14 - September 2021
  • iOS 15 support
v3.13 - September 2020
  • iOS 14 support
v3.12 - September 2019
  • Dark mode
  • Added confirmation to "Delete Completed"
  • Changing "Archived" won't update the outline's modification time
  • iOS 13 support
v3.11 - May 2019
  • OneDrive sync support
v3.10 - September 2018
  • Sync the order of outlines across devices (CarbonFin outlines only)
  • iOS 12 support
v3.9 - September 2017
  • iOS 11 support
  • iPhone X support
v3.8 - April 2017
  • Open In... support
  • Ability to hide the outline list on iPad
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Updated to the latest Dropbox API, which will require relinking your account
v3.7 - February 2016
  • Mulitasking support for newer iPads running iOS 9
  • Single tap access to add/edit notes on iPhone
  • Support for the iPad Pro
  • Bug fixes
  • iOS 8.0 or higher is now required
v3.6 - September 2014
  • Hoist - zoom in on a single subtree
  • Support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Bug fixes
v3.5 - May 2014
  • Automatic sync
  • Bug fixes
v3.4 - September 2013
  • iOS 7 user interface update
  • Bug fixes
v3.3 - June 2013
  • Outliner is now a universal app
  • Added an option for automatically deleting empty items when they lose focus. This behavior was added in 3.2, but now it is optional.
  • Bug fixes
v3.2 - May 2013
  • UI polish
  • Most outline operations are now animated
  • Hide completed now hides all completed items, not just leaf items
  • Bug fixes
v3.1 - September 2012
Added the following features:
  • Publish an outline and share the URL for anyone to view
  • URL scheme so that Outliner can be launched from other apps (see help for details)
  • iOS 6.0 support, and iPhone 5 tall screen support
Other changes:
  • Backspace in an empty item will unindent, Tab will indent
  • When a filter is applied, the selected tag is automatically applied to new outlines
  • Bug fixes
  • iOS 4.3 or higher is now required
v3.0 - March 2012
Added the following features:
  • Dropbox support
  • Updated account settings UI
  • Support for retina iPad display
Other changes:
  • Display the current outline name in iPad header
  • Use the same color scheme on the iPhone and the iPad
  • Added a "What's New" button to the Help menu
  • Tweaked the app icon
  • Bug fixes
  • iOS 4.0 or higher is now required
v2.7 - July 2011
Added the following features:
  • Importing OPML email attachments
  • Tap and hold an item to get a cut/copy/paste menu
Other changes:
  • Added a new filter option to show outlines with no tags
  • Help is now displayed in the app, rather than launching Safari
  • Tweaked paste behavior to add pasted items as children if the target already has children
  • Bug fixes
v2.6 - March 2011
Added the following features:
  • Tagging of outlines
  • Ability to mark an outline as "archived"
  • Filtering of outlines by tag/archived
Other changes:
  • Copy/paste will now allow pasting into other applications
  • Added a "simple text" email format, useful for copy/paste into other apps
  • Swipe to delete will give you the option to delete a tree
  • After syncing, the previously selected outline will be selected again (iPad only)
  • Bug fixes
v2.5 - Sept 2010
Added the following features:
  • Search
v2.3 - April 2010
First iPad version
v2.2 - March 2010
Added the following features:
  • Inline editing
v2.1 - February 2010
Added the following features:
  • Cut, copy, paste
  • Undo, redo
  • Drag and drop outline item reorganization
  • Sync is now secured using HTTPS
  • Outliner Online can now be accessed using HTTPS
Other changes:
  • Moved 'create next' button to the top of item view for faster entry
  • Closing the app while editing an item/note will save the changes
v2.0.1 - October 2009
  • Added option to have a single line note preview (like in previous versions)
  • Bug fixes
v2.0 - September 2009
Added the following features:
  • Outliner Online now supports editing
  • Next/previous button in item view, for quick navigation
  • 'Create next' button in item view, to allow faster entry of multiple items
  • A note is now shown completely in the outline view
  • A smaller font can now be used for item names
  • On OS 3, an outline can be emailed without leaving the app, and is sent as an attachment
Other changes:
  • The 'Add Child' button inserts the child at the beginning of the parent's children, rather than the end
  • Added delete confirmation for "Delete all completed"
  • Outliner Online can now import Checkvist outlines
  • Bug fixes
v1.5.2 - June 2009
Bug fixes:
  • Compatibility with OS 3.0
  • Added confirmation prompt when deleting all completed items
  • Other minor bugs
v1.5 - February 2009
Added the following features:
  • Outlines can now be shared between users using Outliner Online
  • Landscape mode
  • Hide completed items
  • Delete completed items
  • Clear (uncheck) all items
  • Swipe to delete an item
Other changes:
  • Minor perf improvements
  • Fixed some font sizing issues
  • Cleaned up the expand/collapse icons
v1.4 - December 2008
Added the following features:
  • Show or hide outline numbering
  • Collapse/expand all items
  • Collapse all completed items
  • Duplicate an item or a tree within an outline
  • See at a glance which outlines are synced
  • Internal sync changes to allow an outline to be safely edited and synced from multiple devices. In the future, this will enable sharing outlines between users and online editing. In the short-term, this makes it safe to use the same sync account on multiple devices to share all outlines.
Fixed the following bugs:
  • On OS 2.2, the arrows beside items/outlines would sometimes disappear
  • Item height calculations were occasionally incorrect
  • New outlines appear at the top of the list
v1.3 - October 2008
Added the following features:
  • Manually rearrange outline list
  • Swipe to delete outlines
  • Word-wrapping of item names in outline view
  • Hide or show notes in the outline view, allowing more room for items
v1.2 - September 2008
Added the following features:
  • Sync your outlines with Outliner Online, which allows you to import, export, and view your outlines from any web browser.
  • Inline editing of item and outline name, making item entry much faster. Create a new item in half the taps!
  • A new item defaults to either a task or not based on the previous item.
  • Outlines can be set to not display status (checkboxes, pie charts), which is useful for outlines which do not contain tasks.
  • An entire tree of items can be checked/unchecked by changing the parent's status (either by tapping its pie chart, or using is "complete" slider on the item info page.
  • Help button for accessing online help
Made the following improvements:
  • Changed the edit screen model from "back/cancel" to "cancel/save" (changes the toolbar at the top)
  • Changes made to the item screen are not committed until the save button is tapped.
  • Merely expanding/collapsing nodes won't change the modified time on an outline.
  • The blue arrow on the home screen was very difficult for some users to tap, so the outline info screen is now accessible from a new gear icon in the outline view instead.
  • Outlines are auto-saved frequently as they are being edited.
Fixed the following bugs:
  • Rare crash when attempting to email an outline as text.
v1.1 - July 25th, 2008
Added the following features:
  • Email an outline as text or OPML.
Fixed the following bugs:
  • Crash when creating a task with lots of subtasks.
v1.0 - July 9th, 2008
Initial release.